Colors of Your World

I ran a fun program all about colors for 0-4 year olds this week.

We started talking about the colors of the clothes we were wearing and the cushions we were sitting on. I then asked them each their favorite color.

Our first book was the big book version of Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh

My flannel wasn’t a story. We have different colored clowns printed out with matching balloons. I would deliberately place the wrong color balloon next to a clown and the children would correct me to where it really belonged.

I tend not to theme my songs, but I couldn’t help doing “Five Green and Speckled Frogs.” It’s such a fun song, but I had it in my head the rest of the day.

Lastly, we did the big book version of I Went Walking by Sue Williams.

Our craft was a simple one. I found leftover fuzzy posters and put them out with crayons and markers for the children to color.



DIY Musical Instruments

This week’s theme is Sound, Light, & Color.

My first program of the week was making musical instruments for grades 3-5

First up was a harmonica made from craft sticks, paper, and rubber bands. I found it on this link:


DIY Harmonica

Here’s a finished product:


Next up was a megaphone made out of construction paper and toilet paper tubes.


I found my instructions in a book, but those would work as well. We added the toilet paper tube at the bottom for extra volume.




Then we made a straw flute. I didn’t use the pliers, so it didn’t play as well for the kids. I don’t have a picture of one, but here are the instructions.

Straw Flute

Last, but not least, we made a pan pipe flute. I found the instructions for this in the SRP Manual.


The instruments worked on and off, but the kids had a great time making them and trying them out.

Wind Chimes

Yesterday afternoon, I ran a wind chime program for grades 3-5.


I ordered these wind chimes from Oriental Trading


When I realized how small they were, I added a few things to the program. I allowed each child to paint two wind chimes. I also gave them glitter and beads to decorate them. Here are two of the finished products

Displaying 20140717_151130.jpg


Displaying 20140717_151110.jpg


As the paint was drying, we worked on a Wind word search I found online.

Then, it was on to the game. I gave them two separate pom poms. A small one and a big one.

I had them go as pairs and they placed the pom pom at the end of a table. First, they blew the pom pom with just their breath to see whose pom pom could go further. The second time, they used a straw. The kids had a great time competing against each other and to see if they could make the bigger pom poms go as far as the little ones.





Rainbow Bottle

This morning, I ran an All Ages program all about rainbows.

I started by talking about rainbows and how to remember the colors of the rainbow (ROY G BIV)

I began with the non-fiction book Rainbows by Dana Rau


I then did the cute flannel color cats.


When the cat that is RED

Is finally fed,

He raises his head

And says – “Mee-ow!”

When the cat that is BLUE

Has nothing to do,

He comes up, too,

And whispers – “Mee ow!”

When the cat that is YELLOW

Is feeling mellow,

He tends to stretch

And bellow – “Mee-ow!”

When the cat that is BROWN

Starts stalking the town,

You’ll hear his sound

When he cries – “Mee-ow!”

When the cat that is GREEN

Is finally seen,

You’ll know what I mean

When I say he can really – “Mee-ow!”

When the cat that is BLACK

Arches his back,

He has an uncanny knack

Of screeching – “Mee-ow!”

When the cat that is WHITE

Comes into your sight.

You very well might

Hear his famous – “Mee-ow!”

Okay, little cats,

Let’s hear some “Mee-ows!”

And now it’s time

For curtsies and bows.

The kids had a fun time doing the different kinds of Meows

After a song, we did the big book Rainy City Rainbow by Anne Sibley


Rainy City Rainbow (MacMillan Whole-Language…




After one more song, it was craft time. I bought sand art bottles at AC Moore and gave the children different colored sand to fill them. Here are two pictures:


Displaying 20140717_113756.jpg


Displaying 20140717_113623.jpg

DIY Snow Globes

It’s Weather week for Fizz Boom Read, so all programs this week are about different kinds of weather.


For the 3rd-5th graders, I decided to make DIY Snow Globes with them.

I found the idea on this post:

What You Need:

  • Small glass jar with tight fitting lid (I asked my staff to bring in empty glass jars to use for this)
  • Hot glue gun (according to the site, waterproof super glue can work as well)
  • Water
  •  Corn syrup
  • Glitter
  • Small plastic trees, animals, houses, or other decorations (I found little trophies in the favors section at the dollar store)
  • Adult supervision

What You Do:

  1. I super glued the trophies to the lids of each jar.
  2. The children  filled their about 3/4 full of water (or about 1/2 if using corn syrup).
  3. Put a few pinches of glitter in the jar. (NOTE: don’t put out a lot of glitter. My kids overdid it on the glitter big time. It was hard to see the trophies through the glitter. I used gold glitter, but in retrospect, silver may have been better).
  4. Now add several drops of corn syrup,  making sure you leave room for air at the top.
  5. Screw the lid on and turn. If needed, add more water to the jar and the glitter can be removed. If the child wants, you can place hot glue on the inside of the lid.


As they were filling their jars with water and glitter, I used the websites explanation of density and how it worked.

After steps 1-3, we had to wait a few minutes for the glue to dry. I brought a big pile of scrap paper with me and the children and I had a paper snowball fight. We also gathered the scraps together and made it “snow” on top of us. Lastly, I let them pummel me with the snow balls.

Once this was done, we did a quick snow related word search. As the worked on it, I gave them a brief history of the snow globe that I adapted for here:


We then did step 5.

Here are some pictures of the results:


Displaying 20140715_143648.jpg



Displaying 20140715_144436.jpg







Jellyfish Jamboree Storytime

I decided to tweak this blog and make it more about programs I am running at my library and books I am reading.


Today I ran a program called Jellyfish Jamboree for Grades K-2


First book: Jellyfish by Lola Schaefer

Flannel: Jellyfish Colors

I printed different colored jellyfish and sang this tune:


Sung to the Tune of My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

This jellyfish lies in the ocean

This jellyfish lies in the ocean

This jellyfish lies in the ocean

Oh, (color of jellyfish), swim by me


The kids weren’t up for getting up, so we sang to Raffi’s “Wheels on the Bus.”


Book: Peanut Butter and Jellyfish by Jarret Krosoczka


Once the stories were done, we went to our craft.


I set up foam bowls, tissue paper, and crepe paper. The children covered the outside of the bowl with tissue paper using modge podge. After, we ripped long strips of crepe paper and glued them on the inside of the bowl to create the tentacles.


Displaying 20140709_143906.jpg