Wind Chimes

Yesterday afternoon, I ran a wind chime program for grades 3-5.


I ordered these wind chimes from Oriental Trading


When I realized how small they were, I added a few things to the program. I allowed each child to paint two wind chimes. I also gave them glitter and beads to decorate them. Here are two of the finished products

Displaying 20140717_151130.jpg


Displaying 20140717_151110.jpg


As the paint was drying, we worked on a Wind word search I found online.

Then, it was on to the game. I gave them two separate pom poms. A small one and a big one.

I had them go as pairs and they placed the pom pom at the end of a table. First, they blew the pom pom with just their breath to see whose pom pom could go further. The second time, they used a straw. The kids had a great time competing against each other and to see if they could make the bigger pom poms go as far as the little ones.





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