Human Body

Today’s program was all about the human body for 3rd-5th grade. I had 4 stations set up.

First station: Heartbeat

I showed the children how to find their heartbeat on their neck and wrist. We tried the marshmallow experiment from this site: EHow, but it didn’t quite work. I did show them the difference between a resting rate and a fast one by having them run in place and do jumping jacks.

Second station: Fingerprints.

I found my instructions in a book and only after did I realize I should have used tape like this site does Fingerprint Kit (we didn’t use a brush either. We just pressed our fingers into the pencil dust and onto a white piece of paper. If you had the dust thin enough, the print did show on the paper).

Third station: Testing Dominant Side

I went straight from this site Dominant Side. I didn’t have them throw or kick anything and instead of making a triangle, I just had them put their finger in the air.

Fourth station: Anatomy

I printed out a blank outline of the human body and clipart of the brain, the heart, the lungs, the liver, the kidney, and the intestines. The children had to place the organs where they thought they belonged in the body.

It was a fun program. I may have to re-try the marshmallow trick to see how it works.

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