Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This program had nothing to do with our SRC theme. We added it in to tie into the movie release this week. I started the program by telling the kids about each artist the turtles were named after and showed them some of their artwork.

I found our first activity on TMNT Party.

I bought pie tins and found a clipart picture of a sewer cover and taped them on.



I also took one of our trash cans and created slime using fadeless paper.


The goal of the game was to throw the “sewer lids” into the container of “ooze.” The kids had a great time playing this.

Next up, I found a fun game on Oriental Trading. It’s pin the pizza in the turtle’s mouth:


After the games, I taught them some basic “ninja” moves. We learned to punch, cross, hook, uppercut, front kick, back kick, and side kick (I guess all the Kenpo, Tae Bo, and Kickboxing DVDs I do come in handy).

Last but not least: Origami. The goal was to make throwing ninja stars, but they didn’t come out quite right, so I let the children make whatever they wanted. Here’s a pic of two boats with “trash” in them.


I had five kids come, but they all had a great time celebrating all things Ninja Turtle!

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