Measurement Art

This week’s theme is time, measurement, and shapes.

For my 3rd-5th graders, I created a Measurement Art class.

We began simple. I had different colors of construction paper cut into 1/2 inch wide strips. The children then created shapes of different sizes onto a white sheet of paper. I found the idea on Perimeter Problems

I also set up various kinds of symmetry projects for them to use with colored pencils.

I printed sheets for Reflective Symmetry from this site: Reflective Symmetry

I also printed blank ones, so they could create their own: Plane Grid

Next up was dot graph symmetry (which ended up in a fun game of boxes): Dot Grid

Lastly, we made centimeter designs. I can’t find the site for the instructions right now, but I will post them and the picture as soon as possible.



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