Yesterday, a group of 3rd-5th graders and I had some fun with gravity.

We first tested out Artificial Gravity using the craft from this site: Artificial Gravity Craft


The kids needed a bit of help cutting the paper plates, but the project was a huge success and we had fun twirling our beads around. As they were doing this, I explained the basic concept of gravity and why this particular experiment works (I found the information on the web).

I knew the craft wouldn’t take long, so at the last minute, I added a second activity. Kids Parachute


I had plenty of grocery bags from home and we used the leftover plates from the previous craft to draw our circle. It was a little tough punching the holes, so a scissor may work better than a hole puncher. We also used small toys, but they seemed a bit heavy for the parachute, so the lighter the better.


We then tossed our parachutes in the air to see how well they did. The kids had a lot of fun making this happen.

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