Exploration Stations

My library decided to try doing Sunday programs again and I ran our first one. We called it Exploration Stations.

Station 1. Library Corner: I placed some of our new books and books on dinosaurs, transportation, and magnetism in a corner with mats for the children to sit on.


Station 2.  Music table and puzzles: I place a few wooden puzzles on the floor right next to our music table. This was a huge hit. The children didn’t stop playing with it for the entire hour.



Station 3.  Dinosaurs: I had a small box of toy dinosaurs for the children to play with

Station 4.  Kitchen: We have three little kitchens and a small shopping cart with utensils and other gadgets.

Station 5. Blocks: I filled a corner with blocks and this is what the children created:



Station 6. Lacing: We had blocks to lace with and pieces for the children to lace through.



Station 7. Magnets: We own magnetic wands. I placed various objects on the table and the children tested to see if they were magnetic or not.



Station 8. Magnifying glasses: We have these great big magnifying glasses. Children were able to look at various objects through them.





Station 9.  Magnetic gears: we have a flannel board that has a blackboard on the other side. We bought these gears through Lakeshore Learning. The kids loved them.



Station 10. Light table: We used the light table for the first time at this program. I put it on a table, so it wasn’t as popular as I hoped, but I was too nervous to place it on the floor. (I have a picture of a design made, which I will add later).


Station 11. Car mat. We have this great car mat and some big cars. One little boy spent the entire hour there.



We had 35 people attend this program and they all seemed to love it!

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