Survival Program

I wanted to do something similar to my Hunger Games program for 3rd-5th grade.

I had leftover color your own pillowcase covers from Oriental Trading, so the kids made camouflage covers and we talked about what colors would work best in different settings. As they were painting, I asked them some basic survival trivia questions:

How long can a person last without water?

How long can a person last without food?

Where is the best place to build a shelter: near a cliff, a dry river bed or water?

What is the best water to make any water safe to drink?

A nearby glass shatters and embeds itself in the skin, do you take it out and then go to the hospital or leave it in and go immediately to the hospital

When you have hypothermia, what temperature water should you warm up with: cool, warm, or hot?

What is the universal signal for distress?

If you are playing basketball & twist your ankle, what should your course of action be: walk it off, take the sneaker off, ice the ankle and keep weight off it, or shake it until it stops hurting?

What’s the most important tool to carry with you when going out in the wilderness?

How do you treat a bleeding wound?

Next up, I had printed out pictures of various plants and the kids had to decide if they were poisonous or not.

Lastly, it was knot tying time. I had planned to teach them four knots:  the Square Knot, The Slip Knot, a Figure Eight and the Sheet Bend, but we got stuck on the slip knot for most of the time. I never realized how hard it was to teach such a simple knot! We had a fun time trying them all though.



Mockingjay Party

To celebrate the upcoming “Mockingjay Part 1” movie, I held a Hunger Games inspired program for my teens.

First up was the obstacle course:

Obstacle Course:

1. Make a line of hula hoops – walk backwards from one hoop to the other

2. I had a hat made out of a paper bag from a Dr. Seuss program. The teens needed to toss a crumpled piece of scrap paper into the hat. They had three tries.

3. We have these mini traffic cones, so next up was weaving between the cones.

4. Walk across our soft balance beam.

5. Crawl under a broomstick laid across two chairs

6. Stack cups into a pyramid (base of 4 then 3 then 2 then 1), then break it down as fast as they can

7. Paper airplane  throw

I had more obstacles planned, but since my group was so small, I narrowed it down to those. Here’s a picture of some of the setup:


After we were done with the obstacle course, we made bows and arrows out of q-tips and craft sticks. I found the instructions on this site:

Instead of using a knife, I was able to make the notches with really sharp scissors. It took awhile to get the q-tip steady enough to shoot, but they worked really well!


Last up, I wanted to make paracord survival bracelets with yarn, but the teens decided to make friendship bracelets instead. As they were creating their bracelets, I asked them some basic trivia questions I found from the web:

  1. What is Prim’s cat’s name? Buttercup
  1. What is Katniss’s mother’s occupation? Healer
  1. What is “tesserae”? Tokens worth a meager year’s supply of grain and oil for one person.
  1. Who tries to kill Katniss first and what does she get from her? Clove and a knife
  1. What is Rue’s request of Katniss as she is dying? To hold her & sing
  1. If a tribute wins the Hunger Games where do they live afterwards? Victor’s Village
  1. After Clove, who was the next tribute to die? Thresh
  1. What does Gamemaker Plutarch Heavensbeee have on his watch? A mockinjay
  1. What is the nickname for District 12? The seam
  1. What proves an antidote for a toxic frog? Saltwater

Bonus: What three players were picked by the Capitol after the Quell? Peeta, Johanna, and Enobria

Minecraft Mania

I held a Minecraft Party for kids in 3rd-5th grade. We started out with some trivia questions. I was told after that the questions I found on the web weren’t specific enough to the actual game. Here are the questions I used:

What is Notch’s real name?

In what release were Endermen introduced?

Who is Jeb?

On what date was Minecraft officially released?

As of 2014, how many millions of times has Minecraft been purchased (including PC and Consoles)?

How long does a full day/night cycle last?

What blocks have gravity?

Who hosts the Minecraft Mondays Show?

If you have 64 coals & 8 logs, how many torches can you make?

What is the default color of the player’s skin top?

How many different size slimes are there?

What is the hardest material used to make tools?

How many colors of wool dye are there?

Giving a sheep this name causes it to flip upside down.

Name a place you can find Mossy Cobble

I found a great craft on this website I forgot my camera, but here’s the picture from the website:

I had cut out the squares in various colors and let the children create whatever they wanted.

Last up, I found this great site: that had great printable Minecraft bingo cards. We played bingo until we had one winner and then I made sure everyone went home with some leftover goodies I had from Summer Reading Club.

Panda Storytime

It was all about Pandas at this storytime. The children and I discussed what pandas eat and where they live. We began with a fun book.

The kids really liked this book. We did a simple flannel called Five Little Pandas. We have plenty Five Little (insert thing here) flannels in our storage room. We then sang the BINGO song, but changed the words:

I know a special kind of bear

and Panda is it’s name-0


It’s always interesting to do a twist on this song because you have to remember what letter you are up to. Our second book was a short one, but I love it so much that I had to use it.

I found the next action rhyme here:

Panda play. Panda Play.

Play all night. Play all day.

I love to tumble on the ground.

Over and over, round and round.

 On my belly, I’m going to slide.

Through the snow. What a ride!

 Played so hard. Time to eat.

Sit down and chew a bamboo treat.

 On all fours, walking to and fro.

Kind of clumsy, kind of slow.

 Never move faster than a slow trot.

Don’t ask me to run, I can not.

 Panda play. Panda Play.

Play all night. Play all day.

I couldn’t find a short movie, so while the children were crafting, I played “The Great Panda Adventure” in the background. The craft was from Oriental Trading as usual.

The ears are made by the children putting the sides of their hands in black paint, but since it was so small, it wasn’t too messy.

Firefighters Storytime

Who doesn’t love a Fire Fighter? I knew this would be a fun storytime to do. We talked about what fire fighters do and briefly touched on what we should do in case of a fire.

The first book:

We didn’t have any flannels on fire fighters, so I printed out clip art and used this rhyme (i found the rhyme on this

Four busy firefighters could not retire
Because they might have to put out a fire.
The first one rang a big brass bell.
The second one said, ‘It’s the Grand Hotel!’
The third one said, ‘Down the pole we’ll slide.’
The fourth one said, ‘Get ready to ride.’
The siren said, ‘Get out of the way!’
‘We have to put out a fire today!’
The red fire truck sped on to the fire,
As the big yellow flames grew higher and higher.
Swish went the water from the fire-hose spout
And in no time at all the fire was out.

We did a firefighter version of the popular “Teddy bear, teddy bear” song:

Fireman, fireman, turn around

 Fireman, fireman, touch the ground

 Fireman, fireman, drive the truck

Fireman, fireman, don’t get stuck

 Fireman, fireman hurry to the fire

 Fireman, fireman, spray the water higher

 Fireman, fireman, give a shout

 Fireman, fireman, you put out the fire! Hooray!

The second book:

Our next action song:

This is the way I pull on my boots, pull on my boot, pull on my boots

               This is the way I pull on my boots, I’m a firefighter

               This is the way I drive the truck, drive the truck, drive the truck,

               This is the way I drive the truck, I’m a firefighter

               This is the way I fasten the hose, fasten the hose, fasten the hose,

               This is the way I fasten the hose, I’m a firefighter

               This is the way I squirt the water, squirt the water, squirt the water,

               This is the way I squirt the water, I’m a firefighter

              This is the way I climb the ladder, climb the ladder, climb the ladder,

              This is the way I climb the ladder, I’m a firefighter

We watched an episode from the “Fireman Sam” show before doing our craft.

The craft was from Oriental Trading and really cute.