Panda Storytime

It was all about Pandas at this storytime. The children and I discussed what pandas eat and where they live. We began with a fun book.

The kids really liked this book. We did a simple flannel called Five Little Pandas. We have plenty Five Little (insert thing here) flannels in our storage room. We then sang the BINGO song, but changed the words:

I know a special kind of bear

and Panda is it’s name-0


It’s always interesting to do a twist on this song because you have to remember what letter you are up to. Our second book was a short one, but I love it so much that I had to use it.

I found the next action rhyme here:

Panda play. Panda Play.

Play all night. Play all day.

I love to tumble on the ground.

Over and over, round and round.

 On my belly, I’m going to slide.

Through the snow. What a ride!

 Played so hard. Time to eat.

Sit down and chew a bamboo treat.

 On all fours, walking to and fro.

Kind of clumsy, kind of slow.

 Never move faster than a slow trot.

Don’t ask me to run, I can not.

 Panda play. Panda Play.

Play all night. Play all day.

I couldn’t find a short movie, so while the children were crafting, I played “The Great Panda Adventure” in the background. The craft was from Oriental Trading as usual.

The ears are made by the children putting the sides of their hands in black paint, but since it was so small, it wasn’t too messy.


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