Minecraft Mania

I held a Minecraft Party for kids in 3rd-5th grade. We started out with some trivia questions. I was told after that the questions I found on the web weren’t specific enough to the actual game. Here are the questions I used:

What is Notch’s real name?

In what release were Endermen introduced?

Who is Jeb?

On what date was Minecraft officially released?

As of 2014, how many millions of times has Minecraft been purchased (including PC and Consoles)?

How long does a full day/night cycle last?

What blocks have gravity?

Who hosts the Minecraft Mondays Show?

If you have 64 coals & 8 logs, how many torches can you make?

What is the default color of the player’s skin top?

How many different size slimes are there?

What is the hardest material used to make tools?

How many colors of wool dye are there?

Giving a sheep this name causes it to flip upside down.

Name a place you can find Mossy Cobble

I found a great craft on this website http://www.raininghotcoupons.com/minecraft-party-ideas/. I forgot my camera, but here’s the picture from the website:

I had cut out the squares in various colors and let the children create whatever they wanted.

Last up, I found this great site: http://lifewithsqueaker.blogspot.com/2013/09/the-upside.html that had great printable Minecraft bingo cards. We played bingo until we had one winner and then I made sure everyone went home with some leftover goodies I had from Summer Reading Club.

2 thoughts on “Minecraft Mania

  1. I can’t wait to see your post on it! I’m going to do another one in February, but haven’t figured out what we are doing yet.

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