Mockingjay Party

To celebrate the upcoming “Mockingjay Part 1” movie, I held a Hunger Games inspired program for my teens.

First up was the obstacle course:

Obstacle Course:

1. Make a line of hula hoops – walk backwards from one hoop to the other

2. I had a hat made out of a paper bag from a Dr. Seuss program. The teens needed to toss a crumpled piece of scrap paper into the hat. They had three tries.

3. We have these mini traffic cones, so next up was weaving between the cones.

4. Walk across our soft balance beam.

5. Crawl under a broomstick laid across two chairs

6. Stack cups into a pyramid (base of 4 then 3 then 2 then 1), then break it down as fast as they can

7. Paper airplane  throw

I had more obstacles planned, but since my group was so small, I narrowed it down to those. Here’s a picture of some of the setup:


After we were done with the obstacle course, we made bows and arrows out of q-tips and craft sticks. I found the instructions on this site:

Instead of using a knife, I was able to make the notches with really sharp scissors. It took awhile to get the q-tip steady enough to shoot, but they worked really well!


Last up, I wanted to make paracord survival bracelets with yarn, but the teens decided to make friendship bracelets instead. As they were creating their bracelets, I asked them some basic trivia questions I found from the web:

  1. What is Prim’s cat’s name? Buttercup
  1. What is Katniss’s mother’s occupation? Healer
  1. What is “tesserae”? Tokens worth a meager year’s supply of grain and oil for one person.
  1. Who tries to kill Katniss first and what does she get from her? Clove and a knife
  1. What is Rue’s request of Katniss as she is dying? To hold her & sing
  1. If a tribute wins the Hunger Games where do they live afterwards? Victor’s Village
  1. After Clove, who was the next tribute to die? Thresh
  1. What does Gamemaker Plutarch Heavensbeee have on his watch? A mockinjay
  1. What is the nickname for District 12? The seam
  1. What proves an antidote for a toxic frog? Saltwater

Bonus: What three players were picked by the Capitol after the Quell? Peeta, Johanna, and Enobria


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