Survival Program

I wanted to do something similar to my Hunger Games program for 3rd-5th grade.

I had leftover color your own pillowcase covers from Oriental Trading, so the kids made camouflage covers and we talked about what colors would work best in different settings. As they were painting, I asked them some basic survival trivia questions:

How long can a person last without water?

How long can a person last without food?

Where is the best place to build a shelter: near a cliff, a dry river bed or water?

What is the best water to make any water safe to drink?

A nearby glass shatters and embeds itself in the skin, do you take it out and then go to the hospital or leave it in and go immediately to the hospital

When you have hypothermia, what temperature water should you warm up with: cool, warm, or hot?

What is the universal signal for distress?

If you are playing basketball & twist your ankle, what should your course of action be: walk it off, take the sneaker off, ice the ankle and keep weight off it, or shake it until it stops hurting?

What’s the most important tool to carry with you when going out in the wilderness?

How do you treat a bleeding wound?

Next up, I had printed out pictures of various plants and the kids had to decide if they were poisonous or not.

Lastly, it was knot tying time. I had planned to teach them four knots:  the Square Knot, The Slip Knot, a Figure Eight and the Sheet Bend, but we got stuck on the slip knot for most of the time. I never realized how hard it was to teach such a simple knot! We had a fun time trying them all though.


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