My Favorites Storytime

This was the last of the 10 week storytime I ran. Since it happened to fall on my birthday, I decided to do all my favorite books and flannels.

I am deeply obsessed with everything Mo Willems, so I began by reading the big book version of Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. We have this great flannel called Joe’s Pool which begins as one boy relaxing in his pool and other people joining in until there are ten people in the pool. The children love to see the pool get more and more crowded.

We then sang the well know Five in the Bed before doing a short action rhyme:

Raise your hands above your head,

Clap them one, two, three,

Rest them now upon your hips,

Slowly bend your knees.

Up again and stand up tall,

Put your right foot out;

Shake your fingers.

Nod your head

And twist yourself about.

I love all things silly, so I had to do another funny book for our second book.

Afterwards, we sang The Ants Go Marching before watching the Weston Woods version of “Click Clack Moo, Cows That Type.”

I found these cute color your own animal puzzles that the children did as their final craft.

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