Dance Party

I was totally inspired by reading this post: when I created this program. After listening to more children’s music CDs than I care to admit, here’s the list I used for my party:

  1. ABC – Jackson Five
  2. Shake My Sillies – Raffi
  3. Chicken Mack Dance – Greg & Steve
  4. Keep Moving – Loopty Loo
  5. Wheels on the Bus – Raffi
  6. Movin’ Every Day – Action Songs for Preschoolers
  7. Shakin’ It
  8. If You’re Happy & You Know It
  9. Under the Sea – Little Mermaid
  10. Where is Thumbkin?
  11. Walking on Sunshine – Katrina and the Waves
  12. Hey Ya – Kidz Bop
  13. Sports Dance – Greg & Steve
  14. Hokey Pokey
  15. Let it Go

We only made it to Walking on Sunshine before calling it a day and sitting down to sing along to Let It Go. I had a small group this time since I geared it for 3-5 years. I plan on changing it to 2-5 years the next time I run it. Finding more song will definitely be difficult. The kids didn’t seem to really dig the regular songs like ABC or Under the Sea, so I’ll keep it to pure movement songs as well. We had a great time though and everyone was dancing about for the program.


Paddington Bear Party

To celebrate the upcoming movie, I had a Paddington Bear celebration for all ages.

I gave them a brief story about Paddington and where he was from and what he would sound like (having a British Mum helps out when you need to fake an accent). I shortened the story because it was a bit long, but it was still cute.

We did a quick Five Little Bear counting rhyme before I put on the words only version of “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt,” which I enacted much to the glee of the children. The game I wanted to play was to have the children form two lines and do a relay race with teddy bears in their hand. This didn’t quite work out the way I intended, but each child did get to run back and forth with the bear.

Finding a craft took some time, but I stumbled upon this site looking for ideas:

I tweaked it a bit. I used basic brown construction paper and black handles. I gave the children crayons and stamps to decorate their suitcases with. This is the sample I had to show them:


I also created packets of various Paddington Bear things I found online: coloring pages, a maze, finger puppets, a mask, and a bookmark for the children to take home.