Paddington Bear Party

To celebrate the upcoming movie, I had a Paddington Bear celebration for all ages.

I gave them a brief story about Paddington and where he was from and what he would sound like (having a British Mum helps out when you need to fake an accent). I shortened the story because it was a bit long, but it was still cute.

We did a quick Five Little Bear counting rhyme before I put on the words only version of “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt,” which I enacted much to the glee of the children. The game I wanted to play was to have the children form two lines and do a relay race with teddy bears in their hand. This didn’t quite work out the way I intended, but each child did get to run back and forth with the bear.

Finding a craft took some time, but I stumbled upon this site looking for ideas:

I tweaked it a bit. I used basic brown construction paper and black handles. I gave the children crayons and stamps to decorate their suitcases with. This is the sample I had to show them:


I also created packets of various Paddington Bear things I found online: coloring pages, a maze, finger puppets, a mask, and a bookmark for the children to take home.


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