Stuffed Animal Sleepover

I went with an obvious theme for this storytime: bedtime.

We talked about the things we do at night to get read for bed (brush teeth, put pajamas on, listen to a story, etc.)

We started with a very adorable book:

We have a flannel based on Barnyard Lullaby by Frank Asch where all the animals on the farm sing their children to sleep. I had the children make the noise for each animal.


After, we did a quick sit down song called “Dance Your Fingers Up.”

The words are:

Dance your fingers up, dance your fingers down

Dance your fingers to the side, dance them all around

Dance them on your shoulders, dance them on your head

Dance them on your tummy, and put them all to bed.

The kids really enjoyed this, so we did it twice.

I am Mo Willems obsessed, so of course I had to use a Pigeon book.

I did one last flannel called Sleepy Sheep about a young boy who can’t sleep and counts some very interesting sheep.

Lastly, we watched the video of “The Napping House.”

Once the program was over, the children left their animals with us for the sleepover. Here are some pictures of what they got up to:

They played with our giant Connect Four



 They played on the iPads



They enjoyed their own storytime


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