Preschool Lab: Sound

We celebrated all thins sound for this program. We have this great music activity table that I put out


In addition, I put out bells, tambourines, drums, and a table filled with things that make noise including keys and other shakers we had.


I started the program by handing out the little egg shakers and did this song twice with the children (I can’t find the website where I discovered this song):

Shake your shakers

Shake your shakers.

Shake them left and right,

Shake them left and right.

Shake them loudly,

Shale them quietly.

Shake your shakers,

Shake your shakers.

Shake them up and down,

Shake them all around.

Shake them loudly,

Shake them quietly,

Shake them day and night,

Shake them day and night.

After this, we did another song all together with the bells. Once that was done, I let them roam around the room to play with whatever instrument they wanted. This is definitely not a quiet program!

Our craft table included a version of this:


Instead of punching holes, I left out staplers so the parents could staple the plates together. For the inside, we have a sizable bead collection, so the children put as many beads as they wanted to and then decorated the plates with crayons.

The kids all loved making noise and music.