Preschool Lab: Dinosaurs

Though I wasn’t able to actually run this program, I set up at the stations for the librarian who did.

Kids love dinosaurs, it’s a given fact, so why not a whole program about them?

As usual, I had different stations set up for them to play. Some were easy, others took a little more setting up.

First station: we have a sand table at my library, so I filled that up and buried dog bones in the sand for the children to “dig up.”

Second station: Dot marker sheets. I found a cute dinosaur dot marker sheet from South Shore Mamas and put it out with our dot markers.

Third station: We have a few dinosaur figurines that I had out for the children to play with.

Fourth station: Dinosaur stomp. I got my inspiration for this from 1 2 3 Homeschool 4 Me. This is the picture they have on the site:


I used inserts from the boxes of books we get delivered to the library and cut them into a basic foot shape. The children didn’t color the feet for this one as I felt it would take too long to dry. Instead, I punched holes in the feet and the parents tied ribbons around them so the children could stomp around and pretend to be dinosaurs.

Fifth station: We have dinosaur shaped sponges and stamps. I put those out with dinosaur stickers and the children decorated their papers however they wanted with paint.

The last two stations were inspired by the Activity Idea Place.

Sixth station: Fossils. I bought small pasta macaroni and the children used it to press them into Crayola model magic to create fake fossils.

Seventh station: Dinosaur shapes. Using brown and green construction paper and created different sized circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles. The children created dinosaurs with these shapes using glue sticks.


Five Senses Storytime

My supervisor asked me to start incorporating the curriculum from Eat Play Grow into some programs. For the first one, I created a Five Senses storytime.

I began by asking them what the five senses were and some of their favorite smells, colors, foods, and sounds. After, we started with the warm up song from the curriculum:

Marching Movement Song
We’re marching, marching, marching
We’re marching in a circle
We’re marching, marching, marching until it’s time to stop!
We’re jumping, jumping, jumping
We’re jumping in a circle,
We’re jumping, jumping, jumping until it’s time to stop!
(add hopping, stomping, running, tiptoeing, etc.)

Our first book:

We did a version of the hokey pokey, but used colors instead. If they were wearing a color, they danced around. I basically had them do it for every color anyway.

I did a shortened version of the Five Senses song that I found on the Preschool Education site

The Five Senses Song (Sung to: “Old Mac Donald Had a Farm”)

On my face I have two eyes;

Use them every day.

They are used to help me see

When I work and play.

With a look, look here,

And a look, look there,

Here a look, there a look,

Everywhere a look, look.

On my face I have two eyes;

Use them every day!

On my face I have a nose;

Use it all the time.

When I sniff it I can tell

Vinegar from lime.

With a sniff, sniff here,

And a sniff, sniff there,

Here a sniff, there a sniff,

Everywhere a sniff, sniff.

On my face I have a nose;

Use it all the time!

In my mouth I have a tongue;

Use it when I eat.

Tasting with it I can tell

Sour from the sweet.

With a lick, lick here,

And a lick, lick there,

Everywhere a lick, lick.

In my mouth I have a tongue;

Use it when I eat!

The next book:

The flannel was all about different animals and how they ate called Crunch Munch.

The last song was found on the Pierce County Library’s site:

The Parts of the Body
If a bird you want to hear,
You have to listen with your _____.
If you want to dig in the sand,
Hold the shovel in your _____.
To see an airplane as it flies,
You must open up your ____.
To smell a violet or a rose,
You sniff the fragrance through your _____.
When you walk across the street,
You use two things you call your _____.
East and west and north and south,
To eat or talk you use your______.

Lego for Teens

I decided to try a Lego program for my teens. Even though only three boys showed up for the program, they worked on their creations for 1 1/2 hours and had a great time doing so. Here are the pictures of their (and my) creations.

This one is the one I made. I didn’t create anything specific, I just went with what looked good to me at the time.


Here’s what the boys worked on