Preschool Lab: Dinosaurs

Though I wasn’t able to actually run this program, I set up at the stations for the librarian who did.

Kids love dinosaurs, it’s a given fact, so why not a whole program about them?

As usual, I had different stations set up for them to play. Some were easy, others took a little more setting up.

First station: we have a sand table at my library, so I filled that up and buried dog bones in the sand for the children to “dig up.”

Second station: Dot marker sheets. I found a cute dinosaur dot marker sheet from South Shore Mamas and put it out with our dot markers.

Third station: We have a few dinosaur figurines that I had out for the children to play with.

Fourth station: Dinosaur stomp. I got my inspiration for this from 1 2 3 Homeschool 4 Me. This is the picture they have on the site:


I used inserts from the boxes of books we get delivered to the library and cut them into a basic foot shape. The children didn’t color the feet for this one as I felt it would take too long to dry. Instead, I punched holes in the feet and the parents tied ribbons around them so the children could stomp around and pretend to be dinosaurs.

Fifth station: We have dinosaur shaped sponges and stamps. I put those out with dinosaur stickers and the children decorated their papers however they wanted with paint.

The last two stations were inspired by the Activity Idea Place.

Sixth station: Fossils. I bought small pasta macaroni and the children used it to press them into Crayola model magic to create fake fossils.

Seventh station: Dinosaur shapes. Using brown and green construction paper and created different sized circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles. The children created dinosaurs with these shapes using glue sticks.

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