Preschool Lab: Growing Things

I combined both plants and people for this program. For the people part, I used some of the curriculum for Dem Bones from the Eat, Play, Grow website.

We began the program by acting out all the movement’s from Eric Carle’s From Head to Toe. I talked to the children about how flowers grow and how they need sun and water. For people to grow, we talked about exercise, food, and sleep.

I found ideas for two of my stations at Abby the Librarian’s wonderful website.

We had these wonderful cardboard based pots & soil. I purchased marigold seeds and the children all planted a seed to take home. If I do this again, I would choose  a different kind of seed as marigold seed are a little difficult for small hands to grab.

I also borrowed the idea of parts of a plant. I taped contact paper sticky side up. I had cult felt into stems, leaves, centers, and petals and the children all made their own flowers. Most of the children cut the paper and sealed it closed to take their felt flowers home. Some even made them shaped like bookmarks.

They created a paper plate craft using sunflowers seeds, much like the one I found on this site. I bought yellow plates and sunflowers and the children glued them in the center. I put out scissors if they wanted to make petals, but most didn’t use them.

I found this  great skeleton game for another station.

Skeleton game

I laminated the pages and cut out the shapes. The children then glued together their skeletons with glue sticks and I put out crayons for them to color in.

Lastly, to emphasize sleep, I borrowed an idea from Momstown. I cut out pajama tops and bottoms from different colored construction paper and gave the children crayons and beads to decorate their PJ’s with.



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