Sports Storytime

For the last of the six week storytime, we talked about different kinds of sports.

I’m a huge fan of this book and it’s a great interactive book, so I had the children do all the actions:

Both my action songs came from the wonderful Storytime Katie. This was the first one:

“I Like to Be a Jumping Jack”
I like to be a jumping jack
And jump out from a box
I like to be a rocking horse
And rock and rock and rock.
I like to be a spinning top
And spring around and round
I like to be a rubber ball
And bounce right to the ground

The kids enjoyed both songs so much that we did them twice.

I did a quick Five Little Baseballs flannel before reading our next book.

This was a really cute story. Our next action ryhme:

“Here We Go Jumping”
Here we go jumping high,
Here we go jumping low.
Here we go jumping around,
That’s how a kangaroo goes.
Here we go jumping fast,
Here we go jumping slow.
Here we go jumping everywhere,
That’s how a kangaroo goes

I skipped thekangaroo lines of the rhyme to make it fit the theme more. We watched “Miss Nelson Has a Field Day” before making our craft. The craft was a design your own surfboard with stickers.

The children placed their stickers on the front and back of their surfboards.



Mother’s Day Storytime

I had a very small turnout for this program, so I didn’t show the movie nor did I do a second action rhyme. We talked about Mother’s Day at this storytime.

We began with a beautiful book that may become a staple in my programs.

I loved, loved, loved this book.  My action rhyme came from the Strathcona County Library:

Helping Mom
(tune: here we go round the mulberry bush)

This is the way we sweep the floor
Sweep the floor, sweep the floor.
This is the way we sweep the floor
On a sunny mother’s day.

(dust the tables, wash the windows etc.)

We have a flannel called I Love My Mom which has baby animals sharing the reasons why they love their Moms.

Our next book:

The next flannel was a version of Over in the Meadow titled Over in the Garden.  I was going to show the movie “Are You My Mother?” but the children were getting antsy, so we went straight to the craft.

We colored in a photo frame magnet with tea cups on it that said, “You’re a Tea-rific Mom.”

Magic Storytime

This was harder to find books on that I had thought, but I finally found two that the children enjoyed. We started with a book about magic in a not so traditional way:

This is a pretty funny book about a mischievous cat who uses magic to change how the animals on the farm sound like.

I found both action rhymes on the Once Upon a (Story) Time blog.

Poof! I’m an elephant big in size
Poof! I’m an owl with great big eyes
Poof! I’m a mouse squeak, squeak, squeak
Poof! I’m the best, I’m just me!
We have a really old flannel called Color Wizard with colored contact paper. The wizard’s whole world is grey, but he uses magic to turn all the things around him different colors.
I fell in love with our next book because of it’s beautiful illustrations:
Since both action rhymes were on the shorter side, I did each of them twice.
Magic Finger
Magic finger in the air
Magic finger in my hair
Magic finger on my hip
Magic finger on my lips
I did a quick Five Little Witches flannel. Counting flannels are always easy to find and create. We have a ton of them.
Our movie was “Possum Magic” by Mem Fox. The craft was from Oriental Trading. The star in the picture is a bit different than the one we used (Ours was flat thick cardstock and it did not have smaller stars). The children decorated their stars with magic markers and glitter, added the ribbon, and then taped all of it to the dowel to make a magic wand.