Magic Storytime

This was harder to find books on that I had thought, but I finally found two that the children enjoyed. We started with a book about magic in a not so traditional way:

This is a pretty funny book about a mischievous cat who uses magic to change how the animals on the farm sound like.

I found both action rhymes on the Once Upon a (Story) Time blog.

Poof! I’m an elephant big in size
Poof! I’m an owl with great big eyes
Poof! I’m a mouse squeak, squeak, squeak
Poof! I’m the best, I’m just me!
We have a really old flannel called Color Wizard with colored contact paper. The wizard’s whole world is grey, but he uses magic to turn all the things around him different colors.
I fell in love with our next book because of it’s beautiful illustrations:
Since both action rhymes were on the shorter side, I did each of them twice.
Magic Finger
Magic finger in the air
Magic finger in my hair
Magic finger on my hip
Magic finger on my lips
I did a quick Five Little Witches flannel. Counting flannels are always easy to find and create. We have a ton of them.
Our movie was “Possum Magic” by Mem Fox. The craft was from Oriental Trading. The star in the picture is a bit different than the one we used (Ours was flat thick cardstock and it did not have smaller stars). The children decorated their stars with magic markers and glitter, added the ribbon, and then taped all of it to the dowel to make a magic wand.

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