Mother’s Day Storytime

I had a very small turnout for this program, so I didn’t show the movie nor did I do a second action rhyme. We talked about Mother’s Day at this storytime.

We began with a beautiful book that may become a staple in my programs.

I loved, loved, loved this book.  My action rhyme came from the Strathcona County Library:

Helping Mom
(tune: here we go round the mulberry bush)

This is the way we sweep the floor
Sweep the floor, sweep the floor.
This is the way we sweep the floor
On a sunny mother’s day.

(dust the tables, wash the windows etc.)

We have a flannel called I Love My Mom which has baby animals sharing the reasons why they love their Moms.

Our next book:

The next flannel was a version of Over in the Meadow titled Over in the Garden.  I was going to show the movie “Are You My Mother?” but the children were getting antsy, so we went straight to the craft.

We colored in a photo frame magnet with tea cups on it that said, “You’re a Tea-rific Mom.”

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