Sports Storytime

For the last of the six week storytime, we talked about different kinds of sports.

I’m a huge fan of this book and it’s a great interactive book, so I had the children do all the actions:

Both my action songs came from the wonderful Storytime Katie. This was the first one:

“I Like to Be a Jumping Jack”
I like to be a jumping jack
And jump out from a box
I like to be a rocking horse
And rock and rock and rock.
I like to be a spinning top
And spring around and round
I like to be a rubber ball
And bounce right to the ground

The kids enjoyed both songs so much that we did them twice.

I did a quick Five Little Baseballs flannel before reading our next book.

This was a really cute story. Our next action ryhme:

“Here We Go Jumping”
Here we go jumping high,
Here we go jumping low.
Here we go jumping around,
That’s how a kangaroo goes.
Here we go jumping fast,
Here we go jumping slow.
Here we go jumping everywhere,
That’s how a kangaroo goes

I skipped thekangaroo lines of the rhyme to make it fit the theme more. We watched “Miss Nelson Has a Field Day” before making our craft. The craft was a design your own surfboard with stickers.

The children placed their stickers on the front and back of their surfboards.


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