Candy Experiments

I decided to have some fun with candy. Most of the experiments I found by doing a quick internet search, but I also found ideas in this book.

We have an outside reading garden, so this was done out there to prevent mess. The Diet Coke & Mentos experiment was done on our front lawn.

Drop Sour Patch Kids into a cup of clear water, sprinkle a bit of baking soda, and if the candy fizzes then it meant there was acid in the candy.

Have two bowls out. Fill one with water and one with Gatorade. Drop Skittles in each bowl and see which dissolves the Skittles faster. We also did this with M & M’s.

Put cotton candy in a bowl of water and see what happens. Put cotton candy in a bowl of vegetable oil and see what happens after a few minutes.

Pour one package of Pop Rocks in a glass of water and let it sit for a few minutes. Add a second package and see what happens.

Mentos & Diet Coke:  Diet Coke is full of carbon dioxide gas. When you drop a Mentos, bubbles of carbon dioxide form on the surface of the candy. So many bubbles form so fast that they push the soda right out of the bottle.

Push a marshmallow into the opening of a soda bottle. Squeeze or stomp on the bottle to see if the marshmallow shoots out. This didn’t work as well as I hope, but it was still fun.

I taped most of the experiments on my phone, but can’t get them to send to my e-mail yet. Once I do 9if I do),  I’ll post them.

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