Red Storytime

I was inspired by Awesome Storytime’s great blog about her storytime on the same subject.

I had a few red props on the table and we talked about other things that are red.

Our first book:

My two flannels were very simple. I did a counting one called Five Red Tulips and one called Big Red Apple which was cute.

I found my action rhyme on Story Time All Stars list of favorites:

Red, red, red:
(To the tune of “This Old Man”)
Red, red, red, touch your head.
Blue, blue, blue, tie your shoe.
Brown, brown, brown, touch the ground.
White, white, white, take a bite.
Black, black, black, touch your back.
Purple, purple, purple, draw a circle.
Pink, pink, pink, give a wink.
Gray, gray, gray, shout hooray!

Our second book:

We ended by watching “Ten Apples Up on Top” by Dr. Seuss.




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