Funny Storytime

Our local youth council comes every summer for a visit.  I didn’t want to do a traditional summer storytime, so I decided to do funny books.

I put a call out on the Storytime Underground Facebook book to find a second title. They gave me so many titles, it was hard to choose just one!

I ended up with a really good one:


For songs, I did Greg & Steve’s Chicken Mack dance and a funny rhyme I found through an ALA handout titled “Mother Goose on the Loose: Time for Storytime with Dr. Besty Diamant-Cohen” produced in 2015.

Oh where, oh where has my little head  gone?

Oh where, oh were can it be?

Oh where, oh where has my little head  gone?

Oh where, oh were can it be?

(I added other body parts such as elbow, stomach, knee, and foot)


I had wanted a reason to do my second book from the minute I saw it. The kids loved it!



The flannel we had was called “I Saw a Giraffe Drive By” which can be found on Jeninthelibrary‘s blog. Here are the words:

One sunny day I saw a giraffe drive by,
In a shiny car and a big bow tie.
Then I saw a sheep,
Riding in a jeep.
Then I saw a duck,
Driving a truck.
One sunny day.

One sunny day I saw a platypus,
He was going for a ride on a little orange school bus.
Then I saw a goat,
She was rowing a boat.
Then I saw a bear,
Flying through the air,
One sunny day.

Oh, me, oh, my,
What a lot of funny animals went by!

The kids had a great time laughing their way through this storytime.



Music & Movement

I ran this program four different ti,es to let as many children be able to attend. This is a complete movement and music class, though I do have some quieter songs to get a cool down. I found some of the ideas from this book:

I began the class by handing everyone a paper plate. I let them know we were about to become cars. I used the song “Life is a Highway” from the “Cars” soundtrack. We “drove” around the room, went up hills, down hills, sped, braked, and drove slow. Of course, once we were done, it was time for a car wash. You can always add crepe paper streamers to the bottom of a table for this, but I have an amazing co-worker who built a car wash for another program that I happily borrowed. Here’s a picture:


This was made from PVC pipes and pool noodles. Isn’t it amazing???

After we drove around, we used our “wheels” to sing “Wheels on the Bus” for a brief quiet time.

Afterwards, it was time to play spy. Using the Piano Guys version of the “Mission Impossible” theme songs, we crawled, tip toed, ducked to the ground, shimmied on our bellies, and more to get the piece we wanted. At the end, we climbed a ladder, rappelled down, and made a run for it!

We cooled down with “Where is Thumbkin?” before doing a freeze dance to the song “Skinnamarink.”

It was now time to be jungle animals. We walked through the jungle and I asked the children what animals we would see (I let them know they could pick any animal they wanted) and we all pretended to be that animal.

We had a nice song break of: “Ants Go Marching,” “I Can Wiggle,” and “Shake My Sillies.”

Lastly, we acted out the seasons.  We started being curled up as seeds before slowly growing into trees. When fall came, we moves and blew with the wind. We acted out a leaf falling off twirling and flying through the sky. It was then time to rake the leaves and of course, once you had a pile, pretend to jump in the pile of leaves. At winter time, we shook off all our leaves and went to sleep.

We then did some Ring Around the Rosie before doing our goodbye song.


We have a lot of leftover plastic suncatchers from past programs, so the kids came in to make two suncatcher designs of their own choosing. Before they did the craft, I did a brief storytime. I only did one book, a flannel, movement, and a song. The book I chose is a bit different than most, but I really liked it. I think some of it went over the kids heads, but they did love the pictures.


We did a cute backward counting rhyme about five little surfers. Afterward, we acted out doing various summer activities: batting, pitching, dribbling a ball and shooting for the hoop, playing soccer, surfing (and wiping out), and running fast on hot sand on tiptoe (which the children loved so much we did it twice).

I did a quick song before the kids sat down to create their suncatchers. I had just recently ordered suncatcher gel pens from Oriental Trading. These were a bit trickier to use than I had thought. If you squeezed too hard, the paint came out in a big blog. It took some doing to get it just right.  From now on, I may stick to the regular paint and paintbrushes.