We have a lot of leftover plastic suncatchers from past programs, so the kids came in to make two suncatcher designs of their own choosing. Before they did the craft, I did a brief storytime. I only did one book, a flannel, movement, and a song. The book I chose is a bit different than most, but I really liked it. I think some of it went over the kids heads, but they did love the pictures.


We did a cute backward counting rhyme about five little surfers. Afterward, we acted out doing various summer activities: batting, pitching, dribbling a ball and shooting for the hoop, playing soccer, surfing (and wiping out), and running fast on hot sand on tiptoe (which the children loved so much we did it twice).

I did a quick song before the kids sat down to create their suncatchers. I had just recently ordered suncatcher gel pens from Oriental Trading. These were a bit trickier to use than I had thought. If you squeezed too hard, the paint came out in a big blog. It took some doing to get it just right.  From now on, I may stick to the regular paint and paintbrushes.



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