Superhero Party

I ran an All Ages Superhero Party for the SRP theme. The kids began by decorating masks and capes. I found the mask template online and simply traced it onto cardstock. The kids decorated their masks with crayons or makers and colored gems.


The capes were plastic tablecloths. The only downside of these was that there were hard to paint since we only use tempera paint.

20150805_142457  20150805_142450

Afterwards, they tested their superhero brain power by guessing how many jelly beans were in a jar and feeling inside paper bags to see if they could figure out what was inside. This didn’t work exactly as planned. Some kids pulled the item right out and others yelled out the item’s name as they felt it. No one seemed to mind though.


They then tested their agility by running across our foam balance beam, hopping through hula hoops, and crawling through the maze. I didn’t have the right tape for the maze, so it kept falling down. It worked out because I was able to constantly re-do it and the kids loved getting tangled in the yarn. The picture isn’t the best because the yarn is such a light color.


Lastly, we played pin the star on Captain America’s shield. The kids did pretty well at this game, even better than I did. I made the shield on oak tag, so it’s not exactly the best shield made.



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