Shark Week Program

I saw a great program about sharks on  Bryce Don’t Play  and decided to do something along the same thing. I described it as a way to celebrate sharks now that Shark Week was over.

I began by telling the children some fascinating shark facts which I found online.

We began by playing a version of hot potato with our Folkmanis shark puppet. The children sat in a circle and passed the shark around. When the music stopped, the child with the puppet was out. The game ended with a tie between two girls. They loved this game. I heard giggling throughout.

I had handouts for them for the Shark Trust website. I printed out the draw a shark and the dot to dot shark

They had  a few craft projects to do. The first was a paper plate craft that I found on Cindy deRosier’s site. Here are a few pictures of the results:




Next up was a clothespin shark craft that I found on Oh My Creative. I got the clothespins from Oriental Trading and when they got in, I realized they were too small. I broke them apart and glued two together for the kids to make a proper shark.

20150820_135132       20150820_145036

This didn’t come out anything like the picture on the site, but the kids seemed to enjoy it.

Lastly, I had found pictures of sharks to make a bookmark out of. I glue the pictures onto card stock and cut them out. The children colored their sharks and glued them onto craft sticks.


The cutting and gluing of this took a lot of time, but the kids loved making bookmarks.

I sent them all home with a shark tooth necklace that I got on Oriental Trading.




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