UMIGO – Shapes

I recently watched a webinar on the site UMIGO and created a two part program based on the episodes. All the information can be found right on the website.

For this one, we watched the episode “Who Woke the Mummy?” which is all about shapes. The episode is interactive, so the kids helped guide me to create the shapes (I attached my laptop to our projector so the children could see it).

Afterward, we did shape crafts. I put out foam shapes, construction paper, straws, and pipe cleaners and let the children make whatever they wanted.  Here are the pictures of the creations (one boy liked the mummy so much, he created his own mummy out of pipe cleaners):

This one is a face with the shapes as her hair.

20150928_104800                                  20150928_104813


20150928_105057                                       20150928_105150


I also sent them home with a print out from the site where the could cut and fold their own Bit, a character from the episodes.


Preschool Lab Fall

For this program, I had a few stations set up.

I put contact paper sticky side up and taped it to the table. The children then placed fall colored tissue paper and covered it with another piece of contact paper. After that was done, they cut out their piece into leaf shapes. I found this idea on Taming the Goblin.


I had originally wanted to do this great toilet paper roll apple craft from Crafty Morning. We had a great supply of toilet paper rolls, but to my dismay, they had all been thrown away. I improvised and used styrofoam balls that we had leftover instead. They still came out cute.


I found this adorable acorn lacing craft at Mamas Like Me. I cut out the template and punched holes in the top of the acorn. We colored in the top, but if I were to do this again, I’d leave it blank for the children to color. The children laced their acorn tops with yarn and decorated the bottoms with glitter glue.


I pre-cut long pieces of brown construction paper and the strips to make paper woven placemats that I found on Mess for Less. Both this and the lacing worked their fine motor skills.


Lastly, I filled an aluminum pan with dried beans, fake leaves, and a collection we had of really big pine cones and other fall materials for a sensory bin.


Even though I had a small group for this program, it was really fun and the projects came out great.

My Little Pony Party

The moment I saw the post on Angie Manfredi’s blog, I knew I had to do my very own My Little Pony party.

I had six stations set up for the children to do activities with. Each station had a sign saying what it was with a picture of the pony associated with it.

  1. Apple Bloom’s Bean Bag Toss. I had really wanted to do a horseshoe toss like Angie did, but we didn’t have one. I compromised with a cute bean bag toss game.


2. Rarity’s Creation Station: I put out elastic and beads and the children created their own bracelets or necklaces.


3. Fluttershy’s Design Your Own Pony: I found a template of a blank my little pony so the children could make their own.


4. Twilight sparkle wands: I cut star shapes from foam and let the children decorate them with gems and glue to craft sticks.


5. Rainbow Dash Weather Wheel: I found a color your own weather wheel on Oriental Trading and the children decorated them.


6. Spike the Dragon’s crown: I found a color your own crown also on Oriental Trading and the children colored them in and decorated them with gems.


I had so much fun doing this program. As you can see, one little girl brought in her pony and a few others were wearing My Little Pony t-shirts.

Duct Tape & Washi Tape

I admit to having a slight obsession with Duct Tape and running Duct Tape programs. Washi tape I had never heard of, but saw cute ideas for crafts on Pinterest. Washi tape is much like scotch tape, but with patterns on it.  I had card stock out, foam, both tapes and books with instructions. Here are some pictures of the duct tape creations:

20150825_194337 20150825_194355 20150825_195905s

The children who did washi tape creations mostly used the card stock to create art on (they also used duct tape for them as well) . Here are two examples:

20150825_195843 20150825_195859