My Little Pony Party

The moment I saw the post on Angie Manfredi’s blog, I knew I had to do my very own My Little Pony party.

I had six stations set up for the children to do activities with. Each station had a sign saying what it was with a picture of the pony associated with it.

  1. Apple Bloom’s Bean Bag Toss. I had really wanted to do a horseshoe toss like Angie did, but we didn’t have one. I compromised with a cute bean bag toss game.


2. Rarity’s Creation Station: I put out elastic and beads and the children created their own bracelets or necklaces.


3. Fluttershy’s Design Your Own Pony: I found a template of a blank my little pony so the children could make their own.


4. Twilight sparkle wands: I cut star shapes from foam and let the children decorate them with gems and glue to craft sticks.


5. Rainbow Dash Weather Wheel: I found a color your own weather wheel on Oriental Trading and the children decorated them.


6. Spike the Dragon’s crown: I found a color your own crown also on Oriental Trading and the children colored them in and decorated them with gems.


I had so much fun doing this program. As you can see, one little girl brought in her pony and a few others were wearing My Little Pony t-shirts.

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