Preschool Lab Fall

For this program, I had a few stations set up.

I put contact paper sticky side up and taped it to the table. The children then placed fall colored tissue paper and covered it with another piece of contact paper. After that was done, they cut out their piece into leaf shapes. I found this idea on Taming the Goblin.


I had originally wanted to do this great toilet paper roll apple craft from Crafty Morning. We had a great supply of toilet paper rolls, but to my dismay, they had all been thrown away. I improvised and used styrofoam balls that we had leftover instead. They still came out cute.


I found this adorable acorn lacing craft at Mamas Like Me. I cut out the template and punched holes in the top of the acorn. We colored in the top, but if I were to do this again, I’d leave it blank for the children to color. The children laced their acorn tops with yarn and decorated the bottoms with glitter glue.


I pre-cut long pieces of brown construction paper and the strips to make paper woven placemats that I found on Mess for Less. Both this and the lacing worked their fine motor skills.


Lastly, I filled an aluminum pan with dried beans, fake leaves, and a collection we had of really big pine cones and other fall materials for a sensory bin.


Even though I had a small group for this program, it was really fun and the projects came out great.


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