UMIGO – Shapes

I recently watched a webinar on the site UMIGO and created a two part program based on the episodes. All the information can be found right on the website.

For this one, we watched the episode “Who Woke the Mummy?” which is all about shapes. The episode is interactive, so the kids helped guide me to create the shapes (I attached my laptop to our projector so the children could see it).

Afterward, we did shape crafts. I put out foam shapes, construction paper, straws, and pipe cleaners and let the children make whatever they wanted.  Here are the pictures of the creations (one boy liked the mummy so much, he created his own mummy out of pipe cleaners):

This one is a face with the shapes as her hair.

20150928_104800                                  20150928_104813


20150928_105057                                       20150928_105150


I also sent them home with a print out from the site where the could cut and fold their own Bit, a character from the episodes.

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