Peppa Pig Party

Peppa Pig is huge at my library, so we celebrated her with a fun program. We started with a Peppa Pig book:


Once we were done with the book, we did some “mud” movement. I had taped about 8 pieces of construction paper together and cut them out to look like a mud puddle. The children all jumped, ran, rolled, and walked through the mud.

We moved onto our craft. Using construction paper, I cut out shapes from this template:


I found it on an Italian website called Inspire Sua Festa. The directions didn’t translate, so it took me a second to figure out the semi-circle (cut in half, they become her ears) and the long oval (folded and cut, they become her legs). I created a small circle for her cheek in a different color pink than the rest.

After that, we painted with mud. I took potting soil and mixed it with water. You may have to mix it a few times to get the right consistency and the children created art on watercolor paper with mud. Surprisingly, this was not as messy as I feared!

As they were finishing up, a few of the children took their completed Peppa crafts and danced her in the construction paper mud puddle.

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