UMIGO – Measurement

For the second part of my UMIGO program, we centered on measurement. We watched the episode “Nobody Rides the Soakster.”  After answering a few questions about the episode, we got to measuring.

I had taped these thing sheets of paper together that were long enough to measure an adult. The children all took turns getting measured on it. The website provided a ruler which I glued to construction paper for the children to use. They also measured various items around the room using their feet, their hands, and the ruler to see how different the measurements were. The parents also measured things with their feet and hands. They had a great time walking around the room and measuring what caught their interest.

After all the measuring was done, I put a block on the floor of the room. Starting at the door, we measured how many steps it would take to reach the block, including the turns necessary to reach it. It was a mini version of a treasure map.  I said they could create more elaborate ones at home with this method.

These were fun programs to run and I would definitely do more with the site.

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