Art Club

I re-vamped an old program recently. Many years ago, my local library association took a bus trip to the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. While we were there, they presented two of the lectures they offer to student and educators. One was called “The Art of the Picture Book” where instead of looking at the story, we just looked at the artwork and what we got out of it. From that program, I ran one titled the same name where we looked at the artwork of a particular illustrator and created a piece similar to the medium they used (e.g tissue paper collage for Eric Carle).

I wanted to do this again, but for a broader age range. I re-titled it Art Club and opened it up for students in K-5. For this one, we looked at two books by Michael Hall.

My Heart is Like a Zoo is a great book where every animal in it is created from hearts. With Perfect Square, Hall shows how many ways a square can be cut, torn, changes to make something else.

For the craft, I cut out various shaped hearts in different colors and the same for squares. I had pictures of the artwork, but they were accidentally deleted. You’ll have to take my work for it when I say their pieces were really cute.

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