Dance Party

A long while ago, I discovered the great program Baby Dance from the Awesome Angie Manfredi on her blog Fat Girl Reading.

I knew then I needed to do this program. I set up a great playlist and the day of the program, only four kids showed up. We had fun, but I knew I needed to do it again and expand the age range from 3-5 to 2-5 years old.

Of course, I had to pick a new playlist. Here are the songs I used:

“Happy” – Pharell from the “Despicalbe Me 2” soundtrack

“Wobbly Song – “Exercise Party”

“Where is Thumbkin?”

“Ready, Set, Move” – Greg & Steve “Ready, Set, Move”

“Wake Up Your Muscles” – “Fun Activities for Toddlers”

“Shimmie Shake” – The Wiggles “Taking Off”

“Wheels on the Bus”

“Shake My Sillies” – Raffi

“Challenges 1-10” – “Body Bingo”

“Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes”

“ABC” – Jackson 5

“Goodbye Song”

We decided to run it on a Saturday morning. That made a world of difference. I had 17 kids and their parents shaking, shimmying, moving and grooving to the songs. We definitely got our cardio in for the day!