Stuffed Animal Pet Show

I found this great post on the Literary Commentary site and knew immediately I had to do this program. I kept the same concept, but removed the stations aspect. Each child brought their favorite stuffed animal. At the tables, I place cut out foam strips and the following items for decorations: foam shapes, gems, beads, and pom poms. I also cut out yellow foam circles and squares if they wanted to give their stuffed friend a collar tag. The children created the collar for their animals and I also put out fabric if they wanted to add any extra embellishments.  I bought combs at the dollar store so they could make sure their friend was ready to be shown off. After the collars were decorated, the children wrote their friends name and something special about  them on an index card. After that, it was show time. Each child walked across the room with their animal as I read what was written on the card. The children all loved showing off their friends and getting special attention for them both. Here are pictures of some of the dressed up animals:


20151230_104858 20151230_105212 20151230_110530


Here are the added photos:

20151230_110025 20151230_110032



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