Science Club Jr.: Shadows

I stumbled upon this amazing post by Amy Koester (aka The Show Me Librarian) about her Science Club Jr. program and knew I had to run one of my own. I ran mine for children K-2 and as a four week program.

For the first week, we learned about shadows. I started by talking to children about shadows and why we see them. I also read a simple book about shadows:


I had cut out duck shapes onto construction paper and taped them onto craft sticks to re-enact the Five Little Ducks song with our projector light. It didn’t work quite as I planned, the children didn’t move their ducks, but they still had a really fun time. I also cut out circles, triangles, shapes, and rectangles. We experimented moving the shapes close to the wall and far away to see how the shadows changed. Of course, there were a few who like putting their shape right in front of the projector light to block it out. We also made shadow shapes with our hands and our bodies.

Lastly, we played two shadow matching games. I found the first one on the All Kids Network website and the second one I can’t find right now, but it was small animals and their shadows.




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