Science Club Jr: Water

For the last week of the program, we did different experiments with water.

Station 1: I filled an aluminum serving pan with water and had items such as pepper, baking soda, coffee, tea, salt, and sugar in plastic cups. I explained what dissolving meant. With each item, I asked the children if they thought it would dissolve in water or not.

Station 2: I placed items such as a paper doily, wax paper, cling wrap, sponge, foam, cupcake liner, and a feather on different plates. We have little droppers. The children dropped water on each to see if the water was absorbed by the item or bounced off. Foam was the most fun. The water can be moved up and down on it.

Station 3: You can use any item for this. I had Styrofoam, sponge, party hat, clothespins, and feathers. The children then had to guess if the item would sink or float in water.

Station 4: This last one didn’t work quite the way I expected. We have colored play dough and the goal was to create a shape that would float like a boat. I didn’t have a deep basin for this and I am not sure our playdough was the floating kind, but the kids had a great time plopping into water. I learned the hard way that colored playdough will dye your hands. It does wash off, but the kids seemed to have a blast walking around with green hands and calling themselves either zombies or Shrek.



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