Preschool Lab: Valentine’s Day

I had four stations set up for this and a group activity at the end.

Station 1: I did a variation of this Heart Pattern from Making Learning Fun. Instead of blocks, I cut out squares in different colored construction paper. The goal was to form a heart using the squares, but the children did their own design instead, which were very cute.

Station 2: I modified the Musical Hearts game from No Time for Flash Cards. We have a set of three inflatable dice. One has a number, the other a color, and the last a movement. I covered the colored dice with hearts and had the same colored hearts taped to the floor. The children would roll the dice and have to do whatever activity it said and how many times (there were only a few; touching toes, jumping, jumping jacks, and running in place).

Station 3: Cookie cutter painting. The children dipped heart shaped cookie cutters and stamped them onto paper. I found this on Hands on as We Grow. I also added shimmery heart stickers for them to add to their artwork.

Station 4: Negative space coloring. Using washi and duct tape, I used the word Love as my example. I then colored over it with crayons and when you peeled the tape off, the word popped out. The children chose to do variations of love or their name. I adapted this from Inner Child Fun.

The last thing was a group activity that I founds searching the internet and stumbling upon it on We all sat in a circle and passed a red bean bag as I played music. We would do different things when the music stopped: make funny faces, stomp our feet, and wiggle.





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