Explore Your World Program

I ran this program for children ages 3-5 years. We played different games and danced to songs from around the world.

I began by creating a smaller version of a hopscotch board and showed the children how to play. Although they didn’t play it exactly the way it should be, they had a great time jumping into the boxes.

All the songs we did were from “Children’s Folk Dances” by Georgiana Stewart. During the program, I played the following songs: Polly Wolly Doodle, Walking Song, Go Round & Round the Village, Jump Jim Jo, Troika, Everyone Likes Calypso (with shakers of course), and Tarantella Doll.

We played three other games other than hopscotch which I found doing a basic web search:

1,2,3 Dragon: This game is from China. The children all form a line and put their hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them. Once all connected, we wove around the room like a dragon.

Andar, Bahar: This game is from India. All the children stand in a circle. When the leader calls out “Andar,” they jump inside the circle. If “Bahar” is called, they jump outside.

Olika Bolika: This game is from Germany/Belgium. Children sit in a circle with their legs out. The leader should chant “Olika bolika Susan solika, Olika, bolika, Nob!” At the last word, the children must quickly tuck a foot under their legs. I shortened the chant as I had younger children in the program and just chanted the last three words.

The kids all had a fun time trying the games and dancing to the songs.

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