Jedi Training Camp

This is a two part program that I ran the first part of. It’s for kids in grades K-5 with teen buddies helping the kids do their tasks.

We did four things during this program.

We started off with a simple R2D2 craft that I found on Mom Inspired Life. I had the templates cut out on card stock and gave the kids the shapes needed to make their own R2D2’s. Some decided to use our crayons instead to create them. Below are two examples of what the kids made.













The second one was where the teens really came in handy. We made Death Star Crayon resist art that I found on Fun a Day. The kids crew a circle on the paper and the teens placed thin pieces of duct tape (masking tape could work too) where the kids wanted and then colored over everything. Once you peel off the tape, you get a negative space Death Star.


My co-worker, who is doing the second part of this program found the next two items. Using number two pencils, paint, duct tape, and electrical tape, we made Light Saber Pencils. The idea was found on Keeping It Simple. We used washable tempura paint, which ended up flaking off some of the pencils, so you may want to use a more permanent paint for these.

Lastly, we played Star Wars Bingo. My co-worker found printables on The Kiwi in the Clouds and made different bingo boards from it. I don’t know which site he used, but there are many out there to create bingo cards.

The program lasted a full hour and the kids all had a great time with their Star Wars stuff.

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