Full STEAM Ahead: Technology

I had three things for the kids to do for this program. On one table, I had some printables and Legos to keep them busy while other things were getting done.

We began making bristlebots. You can find them on the BristleBots site. I had an older version of the kit, so the ones we made looked like the picture below.


The double sided tape wasn’t the best and I did have to wire strip each bots wires (which is why I had the Legos out, so they wouldn’t rum amok while I was doing that).

Each child was successful at making their own bot and very excited about taking it home.

I also had a bunch of toy dinosaurs out on a table with three tablets and a phone. I installed the Lapse It app on all of them and we all played with stop motion animation. Unfortunately, I could not get the camera to work on two of the iPads, but the kids didn’t seem to mind.

Before we did each thing, I explained to the children how bristle bots worked and discussed kinetic energy. We also talked about stop motion animation before playing with the app.

The kids all had a great time.

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