Things That Go: Cars Program

Kids love transportation: cars, trains, planes, you name it, they are fascinated with it. I decided to run a loosely structured program all about cars.

I had various stations for the kids to play on.


Station 1:  matching colored cars to their spots. You can find an example of it on The Princess and the Tot site. We had these great plastic cars and instead of normal spots, I taped down color construction paper into boxes so it would seem more like a garage than a parking spot.



Station 2: Race to a Letter. I found this idea on the True Aim Education site. Instead of a cookie tray, I used one of the tables at work. The children let the car slide down and had to say what letter the car landed on. This ended up being my most popular station as the kids simply loved sliding the cars down the table.


Station 3: Masking tape road. I used duct tape instead. I found a picture of what I was aiming for on Pinterest. I put out a variety of cars for the kids to drive on. We also have a playmat of a road that I placed next to this so they could drive around more.


Station 4: Magic marker cars. I taped magic markers to the back of a few cars. On paper, the children “drove” the cars around while creating a drawing at the same time. I saw the idea for this on Housing a Forest.


The kids all loved playing at the various stations and playing with all the cars we had.

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