Things That Go: Planes

I had only three stations for this program and the most popular one was the pile of toy planes and helicopters I had on the floor.


I put out blank paper as well as straws so the parents could make paper airplanes and hoop gliders for the kids. I ended up making a bunch of the gliders myself, but the kids loved it.


I used inspiration for this blog post on Another Day in Paradise for the craft. Instead of something that big, I pre-cut wings from oaktag and put out foam shapes for the children to decorate their wings with. We used yard to hang the wings. They came out much cuter than I expected it to!


Lastly, I found these great printable on Learn Create Love to do some airplane Dramatic Play. Each child got a ticket and boarding pass and once they found their seats, we went on a plane ride to Disney of course! Here’s the set up of what the “plane” looked like.


I made the seat numbers on Publisher. Here’s a closeup:


Once everyone found their seats, we took off (leaned back), banked left and right (leaned all the way each way), had turbulence (bounced up and down), and landed (leaned forward). The kids loved their plane ride.


Full STEAM Ahead: Art

I will use any reason I can to play with Duct Tape & Washi Tape and that’s what we did at this program. I gave them options to make a wallet, a bookmark, and art, but many of the children did their own thing as evidenced in the pictures below.


This a a bookmark made with washi tape. I cut card stock and the kids covered it with the colors/designs of their choice. This one also has a strip of duct tape on it.







This is a great example of washi tape art. I loved what they did here.










To the left is a wallet and the right is a duct tape hackey sack



A boy in the program loves Chuck Norris, so he wrote his initials in washi tape.  Another boy used duct tape to write his initials.



Exploring With Senses

I ran an evening program about the senses for 3-5 years old. Keeping food allergies in mind, I didn’t have anything food related in the program.


I had a small bin filled with crinkly shredded paper and various objects of different textures.

I adjusted one from Getting Messy with Ms. Jessi. I glued feathers, cotton balls, beans, shredded glitter paper, and cut up styrofoam balls onto different sheets of construction paper for the children to touch. I did mention if they wanted to, they could try it with their feet, but none of the children did.


I put out various musical instruments: shakers, bells, and small tambourines


I downloaded the Braille template from the Follow the Leader site and the Braille alphabet. Since I only had three children at the program, they didn’t really go near this station, but I sent them home with the sheets.


This was a combination station. I had scented playdough. The children had to try to identify the scent and then they played with the playdough.


Full STEAM Ahead: Engineering

We did three projects for this program. The first was craft stick catapult. You can find instructions how to do them most anywhere. For ours, we used 9 crafts sticks, rubber bands, and a plastic spoon. Of course, once we made them, we had to test them out with pom poms. We used them two different ways: using them on the floor like the picture below and holding them in our hands and using them. I think we could have done this for the entire program honestly.



I found a great construction paper bridge craft on ehow. My phone died, so I was only able to take a picture of the sample I made. Most kids did their own thing and created smaller bridges or rafts. It was really cool.


Lastly, we have cardboard blocks, so I challenged the kids to make various size towers with them and see how high they could make them without it falling down.