Exploring With Senses

I ran an evening program about the senses for 3-5 years old. Keeping food allergies in mind, I didn’t have anything food related in the program.


I had a small bin filled with crinkly shredded paper and various objects of different textures.

I adjusted one from Getting Messy with Ms. Jessi. I glued feathers, cotton balls, beans, shredded glitter paper, and cut up styrofoam balls onto different sheets of construction paper for the children to touch. I did mention if they wanted to, they could try it with their feet, but none of the children did.


I put out various musical instruments: shakers, bells, and small tambourines


I downloaded the Braille template from the Follow the Leader site and the Braille alphabet. Since I only had three children at the program, they didn’t really go near this station, but I sent them home with the sheets.


This was a combination station. I had scented playdough. The children had to try to identify the scent and then they played with the playdough.


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