Full STEAM Ahead: Math

This last part of my five part program was the hardest to plan. I think I changed it at least three times as I was creating.

I saw a great idea for learning about lace value on Differentiation Station Creations and adapted it for the older kids. I created signs with different place values and had a bowl placed next to them. The goal was to toss a bean bag into each of the bowls. We began to create challenges with this game: how far can they throw backwards, with their eyes closed, and from really far away. Of course, there was some general bean bag tossing at each other.




Next to that, on the floor, I had numbers placed on the floor. Using a catapult from the previous program, the children had to catapult a pom-pom to a specific number.



To teach the basics of shapes & geometry, I had them put together a Tangram. In restrospect, I would have chosen a more difficult one as the kids flew through it.




Lastly, we learned about grouping and remainders using Legos. Each child started with 30 Legos (I used Duplos for this one, much to their dismay. I would definitely use Legos next time). They made groups of four and then saw how many Legos were left over. I planned to do this with other groups, but they mainly wanted to play with the Legos. I adapted this from a post i saw on Frugal Fun 4 Boys

They all went home with two extreme dot to dot puzzles which can be found doing a Google search.


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