3 Doodler

I convinced my Director to let us buy five 3 Doodlers to use for programming. If you haven’t heard of these, you can check out the 3Doodler website.

Tips I learned:

When creating, use masking tape or painter’s tape over your template. The plastic doesn’t stick to it

You can use the Doodler for about an hour before it starts overheating and not working perfectly.

Read the manual for troubleshooting. It really comes in handy

Practice with it before doing a program.

Below are three pictures of what was created

This was just playing around with the Doodler and having fun:


A coaster, the template for it can be found on the 3Doodler site


The beginnings of making her name



We didn’t do full out 3D things, but you can. It’s fun to play with!


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